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Enrich Professional Publishing (EPP) specializes in academic and reference works on the economic and financial changes taking place in China and across Asia.

EPP aims to promote a better understanding of modern China and the impact that this new economic superpower has on a rapidly changing world.

By partnering with universities in China and Hong Kong, as well as commissioning original titles from regional experts, EPP has become the leading publisher to translate and publish the work of these prominent Chinese scholars for a global audience.

At Enrich Professional Publishing, our goal is to provide our readers with objective information on China from these firsthand sources.

With an impressive publishing output of over 50 new titles every year, our books are invaluable references for anyone whose interest and work revolves around the New China phenomenon. Our readers include business leaders, economists, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, academics, and postgraduate students.

Whether in print or digitally, EPP provides the essential tools to better understand the economic policies of a changing China.

EPP at Beijing International Book Fair
EPP’s booth at BIBF showcased its increased presence among publishers, institutions, authors, librarians and booksellers. Additional distributors and suppliers were very keen to be partnered with the growing international demand for EPP's titles.

Inside China's Shadow Banking: The Next Subprime Crisis?
Joe Zhang's new release has been the focus of much acclaim, including this piece in The Economist.

EPP Attends the Frankfurt International Book Fair
Enrich Professional Publishing (EPP) attended Frankfurt International Book Fair Oct 10-14, 2012

EPP Attends the Beijing International Book Fair Aug 29-Sept 2, 2012
Located at the China International Exhibition Center, this year's Beijing International Book Fair has over 2,000 exhibitors, expanding its message of "introducing excellent books from around the world into China and leading Chinese books to the world".